My first appointment with Kirsteen was great…she made me feel instantly relaxed and had a lovely calm approach

After the birth of my daughter in January 2015, I was unknowingly experiencing symptoms of PTSD from my Labour and birth. I suffered from anxiety anyway but it seemed heightened during this time. I put it down to just being my hormones and that I was fragile like all new mothers

I thought it was completely normal to hate the whole experience of Labour and birth and that it was something everyone went through but when I spoke to a friend who said that wasn't the case I realised that how I felt was not normal, we spoke about our experiences often. To me, she had a traumatic Labour but experienced no long term affects as she had gotten the right support at the start of her pregnancy unlike me. That same friend said it was worth me getting the support in my next pregnancy as she knew we were trying for another baby. That's where I reached out to Kirsteen and shortly before my appointment I had found out I was 6 weeks pregnant. Not really knowing what to expect when I signed up for this my first appointment with Kirsteen was great, very emotional and I spoke about things I hadn’t really talked about. She made me feel instantly relaxed and had a lovely calm approach

We had three appointments and at the start of each one she talked me through the plan for that session, a mix of hypnotherapy, relaxation and use of the rewind technique really helped me and I was surprised by how different I felt after just one session, leading to the third session I felt like a completely different person. It really helped to just have someone listen to me and have an hour to myself. I still practice the breathing techniques (probably not as often as I should!) I am also planning to use Hypnobirthing techniques with this baby

I still have anxiety about Labour and birth but I feel more in control and positive about it. It is not something I constantly worry about now and I feel like I am enjoying this pregnancy more because of it. It felt like everything fell into place at the right time and meeting Kirsteen so early on in my pregnancy really helped

Megan, Eastleigh, Hampshire